How long does it take to get an account set up?

Once you submit our request form, one of our Account Managers will contact you to complete the process. Generally, you'll be up and running within a couple of business days.

Why do I have to go through an Account Manager?

We are very cautious about spam and we require the manual step to ensure that our users are serious and also willing to agree to our anti-spam policy . We want to help you get the best design for your emails on Demand and working directly with us is the best way we can get you up and running quickly.

What about support?

Demand has a great deal of helpful information built into the system and accessible through the "help" button at the upper right when you're inside your account. In addition, you can email us with questions or problems at

How does Demand integrate with my website?

There are two main ways. First, you can put simple forms on your website to allow visitors to subscribe to your email lists. Second, you can automatically display all of your past email newsletters so that website visitors can see them. This display is handled automatically. Contact us for more information on this topic.

Can my newsletter look like my website?

Yes. Our design team can make you a template that will ensure design continuity with your existing Brand.

5 Tips to make your email campaigns more effective

Tip #1 — Be Considered

Be sure your email contains information the reader will want. A sales pitch is not valuable content. Instead think about what will be useful and of interest, e.g. tips and expertise shared, case studies, exclusive offers.

Tip #2 — Create sticky emails

Within 3 seconds of opening your email, the reader will decide whether to delete or read on! Making your email sticky means giving them reasons to stay subscribed. Put your most compelling content in the top third of the email. Make sure your headlines are punchy and relevant to the customer's interests. Try to include exclusive offers only available to email subscribers. A monthly prize draw, VIP members sales previews etc all help make people stick with receiving your emails.

Tip #3 — Ask permission.

To send an email to anyone using Demand, you must have clearly obtained their permission. This could be done through:

  • Placing an email newsletter subscribe form on your web site.

  • Having and opt-in checkbox on all your company forms.

  • Contacting customers who have purchased from you within the last 2 years and inviting them to receive the newsletters. Generally it's ok to contact via email if you have done business with them in the last 2 years but don't just add them to your email list without first contacting them and asking them specifically if they want to receive it.

  • If someone gives you their business card and you have asked their permission — every time you receive a business card make a habit to ask if they would like to receive your newsletter.

  • If they dropped their business card in a fishbowl at a trade show (with a permission sign).

Tip #4 — Get personal

You don't want your newsletter to feel as if it was generated by a machine, so always address your subscribers by name. Have the return email address go to a person not [email protected]. Sign the email from a person. You can mail merge a person's name or any other field into your content to make it more personal, click here to learn more. Use the segmentation tools in Demand to segment your lists so that you can send separate targeted content to individuals. Click here to learn more about segments.

Tip #5 — Be brief

Before sending your email campaign, ask yourself “Could I make this email shorter?” Keep your topics short - entice the reader to click through to a landing page (your website) to read more. This will also help make your email more measurable as you can see what topics they are responding too, which will help you refine your content for future emails.

People read on-screen copy about 25% slower than a printed document.